Load Cell Calibration Frame

The Schap Load Cell Calibration Frame  is used for verifying load cell calibrations, and is available in (2) two options.

Option (1)  allows you to do compression on a load cell that you have hooked up to a display (or is on a piece of test equipment) to verify calibration and operation.

Option (2)  includes (2) calibrated load cells with ratings of your choice to be used as reference load cells to verify the calibration of the load cell being tested.  The reference load cell is mounted on the threaded stud on the base of the tester, and the subject load cell is mounted between the reference load cell and the threaded rod.  As the operator turns the rod, compressing the load cell, the load reading will display on the panel to verify that the reference load cell and subject load cell are matched.

One of the key features is the rotary display on the control panel that allows the operator to select the correct shunt cal resistor to match the subject load cell. The customer needs to tell us the specific shunt cal resistor values to use for this switch.

The tester is portable and can be moved to the specific piece of test equipment where the subject load cell can be mechanically disconnected but stay connected electrically. When you compress the subject load cell, the display on the test equipment will show the load, and that can be compared to the reference load cell output to verify that the load cell and the test equipment are in calibration.




  • Two (2) reference calibrated load cells (sizes determined by the customer).
  • Sensor meter box.
  • Calibration buttons to verify calibration reference for load cells.
  • Rotary shunt calibration selector button allowing the operator to select the matching shunt cal resistor value for the load cell being tested (customer selects the five (5) shunt cal values that are included).
  • Third meter for hook up to the load cell being tested.
  • Up to four (4) extra combinations of threaded connectors for quick connection. of the test load cells to the test stand.
  • Mechanical components are constructed of aluminum and stainless steel
  • Durable powder coat and anodized finishes.
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Available for Rent

This item is available for rent. For more information, please contact Chad Weavers by calling 616-846-6530.


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Rental Terms

  • Minimum rental period is 1 month. After the first month, rentals can be prorated in 1/4 month intervals.
  • Schap Specialty Machine, Inc. handles maintenance issues during the rental period(s).
  • For the first 3 months, 100% of the rental payment for each unit is applied toward purchase of that unit.
  • After 3 months, 20% of the rental payment for each unit is applied toward purchase of that unit.
  • The minimum purchase price of each unit is 50% of its original value.
  • Schap Specialty Machine, Inc. will review the condition of the rental equipment upon return, and any repairs that exceed normal wear and tear will be charged to the renter.

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60 lbs / 27 kgs