PLC IFD Tester

 This machine is a PLC-controlled version of our PC foam ILD-IFD tester with a color touch screen . This tester consists of the “bench top” test fixture 36” wide X 26” deep utilizing a 200mm stroke actuator assembly and high accuracy loading sensor to provide the required speeds and loads (maximum load capability is 250lbs). A built in linear position sensor is also used so that programmed tests can operate automatically, moving to the required positions as required.

This tester utilizes custom-written program to allow easy test setup and manipulation of tests variables for each sample. Operators will be able to run the D3574-08 B1 (Indentation Force Deflection Test—Specified Deflection) D3574-08 B2 (Indentation Residual Gage Length Test—Specified), Test C (Tear Resistance Test to create tests based on other specifications. Compression Force Deflection Test and Optional Test E(Tensile Test) & Test). This tester also comes with a customizable screen to create tests based on other specifications.

Available for Rent

This item is available for rent. For more information, please contact Chad Weavers by calling 616-846-6530.


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Rental Terms

  • Minimum rental period is 1 month. After the first month, rentals can be prorated in 1/4 month intervals.
  • Schap Specialty Machine, Inc. handles maintenance issues during the rental period(s).
  • For the first 3 months, 100% of the rental payment for each unit is applied toward purchase of that unit.
  • After 3 months, 20% of the rental payment for each unit is applied toward purchase of that unit.
  • The minimum purchase price of each unit is 50% of its original value.
  • Schap Specialty Machine, Inc. will review the condition of the rental equipment upon return, and any repairs that exceed normal wear and tear will be charged to the renter.

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ASTM D3574 

Schap Laboratory Services

Let Schap Laboratory Services run this test for you. Schap Lab is an independent, third-party test lab accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by A2LA*. We are built on over 50 years worth of executing test programs, and building test machines. We offer a wide range of capabilities to test materials such as leather, fabric, foam, rubber, plastic, and adhesives. We also offer mechanical, durability and life cycle testing of subcomponents, full assemblies and mechanical systems.

For more information, please contact Erik Johnson by calling 616.844.8259 or send an email to [email protected].

* Not every test offered by Schap Lab is covered by our A2LA accreditation. Please consult our Scope of Accreditation ( Certificate #3611.01 ) for a list of accredited services.