High Capacity Compression Press

This 150,000 pound capacity parallel platen Compression Tester features an inside working footprint of a 54" x 54" square and a working height from 0" to 60". The bottom platen is fixed and doubles as a scale. It include (4) 50,000 pound capacity load cells with a summing box. Offset loads do not change the combined output of the four load cells. The moving platen is driven by a 20-ton screw jack at each corner. They are driven through synchronized timing belts and a jack shaft from a 15 H.P. closed-loop drive. The platen speed ranges from 0.01"/minute to 6"/minute. Limit switches are included at the extreme upper and lower travel positions to protect from machine damage. The control system is either P.L.C. or P.C. based with a color operator interface. Load and position data can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet for additional customer analysis.