Gantry PC Based Tension and Compression Tester

The Gantry PC Based Tension and Compression tester, is controlled by a PC. The operation of this test is similar to the PC Tension and Compression tester, except that the Gantry base allows you to test much larger pieces. The X-Y Gantry can be programmed to test specific locations on your samples. The program controlling the tester automatically does the programmed test beginning with finding the form height. After completion of the test, the program automatically gives you the test results plus generates graphs of load vs. deflection and load vs. time. A final report for printing is also generated for saving or printing. The tester is supplied with one load cell of your choosing. You can add up to two more load cells to assure the test range is near your actual foam loads. At the beginning of the test, the program simply asks you to confirm that the correct load cell is installed. For all tests, data is saved (with allowable comments) to a .csv file that can be downloaded to any spreadsheet (such as Excel) for a detailed analysis, and also saved to a PDF file for printing. This unit can be used with any of our Indenters, Butt Forms, Back Forms, and other forms.

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ASTM D3574