Manual Tension and Compression Tester with X-Y Gantry

The Manual IFD Tester with X-Y Gantry is an Indentation Force Deflection or Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) tester. This manually operated tester is suited to test foam or Large Forms at specified locations across a sample by moving the X-Y gantry. Foam ILD (or IFD) tests – Specified Deflection mode from ASTM D3574 at 25% and 65% compression. Operation and positioning is manual and the "foot" or form is moved using a spring loaded activation switch that controls a motor with a variable speed drive. A digital readout continuously displays position and load. Foam ILD (or IFD) tests – Specified Force mode from ASTM D3574. Operation is manual as with the Specified Deflection test. The gantry is moved in the x direction with a hand crank located at the bottom of the gantry. Y positioning is adjusted by loosening the quick lock handles on the unit, sliding the foot to the desired location, and relocking the foot in position. This unit can be used with any of our Butt or Back Forms.

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ASTM D3574